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Teucrium Trading is an ETF provider focused solely on U.S. Agriculture. Our mission is to empower investors with the knowledge and tools necessary to intelligently design well diversified portfolios. Teucrium’s suite of Exchange Traded Products has revolutionized the way commodity ETFs are structured; our products are widely available to investors and advisors in traditional brokerage accounts.

Please explore this website to find a wealth of information designed to educate you about agricultural investment choices. We regularly update our News & Insights section with timely industry knowledge for investors. Check back for updates or subscribe to our newsletter to receive some of this information directly into your inbox.

Teucrium is committed to providing some of the best customer service and investor relations in the ETF industry; we are available to assist investors and advisors on anything ETF or Commodity related. To learn even more about Portfolio Diversification that Grows, please use the “Contact Us” page with additional questions.

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