Portfolio Diversification that Grows

Portfolio Diversification that Grows

About Us

Teucrium Trading is an ETF provider focused solely on U.S. Agriculture. Our mission is to empower investors with the knowledge and tools necessary to intelligently design well diversified portfolios. Teucrium’s suite of Exchange Traded Products has revolutionized the way commodity ETFs are structured; our products are widely available to investors and advisors in traditional brokerage accounts.

Please explore this website to find a wealth of information designed to educate you about agricultural investment choices. We regularly update our News & Insights section with timely industry knowledge for investors. Check back for updates or subscribe to our newsletter to receive some of this information directly into your inbox.

Teucrium is committed to providing some of the best customer service and investor relations in the ETF industry; we are available to assist investors and advisors on anything ETF or Commodity related. To learn even more about Portfolio Diversification that Grows, please use the “Contact Us” page with additional questions.

Meet the Team

Sal Gilbertie
Chief Executive Officer
Sal Gilbertie Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief Investment Officer and founder of Teucrium, brings deep experience in commodities markets, particularly in the areas of trading and liquidity. He has designed a variety of commodity based exchange-traded products ("ETPs") with particular focus on agriculture and energy.
Cory Mullen-Rusin
Chief Financial Officer
Cory Mullen-Rusin, has been the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of the Sponsor since September 17, 2018 and Ms. Mullen-Rusin has primary responsibility for the financial management, compliance and reporting of the Sponsor and is in charge of its books of account and accounting records, and its accounting procedures.
Steve Kahler
Chief Operating Officer
Steve Kahler, Chief Operating Officer, has extensive experience working in agricultural and energy commodities markets; ranging from working the family farm to, Pit Trading at the Minneapolis Grain Exchange as well as developing an international wheat export program for CHS which supplied high quality wheat directly to European flour mills. Mr. Kahler worked across multiple business units in energy and biofuels during his time at Cargill Inc.
Springer Harris
Managing Director
Portfolio Manager
Managing Director of Operations, Trading and Compliance. Mr. Harris has served as the Vermont Branch Manager since July 2012 and as FINRA Supervising Principal since February 2014. He began working for the Sponsor on April 1, 2011. He has primary responsibilities for the Trade Operations for the Funds as well as direct oversight of all FINRA Registered Representatives. He maintains his office at Three Main Street, Suite 215 Burlington, VT 05401. For the last eight years Mr. Harris has worked directly under the COO assisting in Trading and Operations, under the current and former CCO in compliance as well as the current CEO in marketing and sales. His responsibilities include all daily trade operations, quarterly and annual reporting, development and maintenance of all technical systems, management of external partners, compliance reviews as well as research and development of future strategies.
Jake Hanley
Managing Director
Portfolio Manager
Managing Director of Marketing and Operations began working for the Sponsor on January 16, 2018 as a Director of Operations.  He became the Managing Director of Marketing and Operations on January 1, 2019. His primary responsibilities consist of overseeing all marketing activities, including but not limited to managing relationships with investors, financial advisors and portfolio managers; building and maintaining a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system; overseeing public relations; executing digital marketing and content marketing campaigns; negotiating and managing third party marketing contracts; research and development of new products and marketing strategies; devising and overseeing the marketing budget.
Tanya Bernard
HR Manager
Financial Manager
Tanya Bernard, Human Resource Manager and Financial Manager, began working for the Sponsor in July 2009 until August 2017 as the Office Operations Manager. Mrs. Bernard took a year off, completing her Associates Degree in Administrative Management from the Community College of Vermont and working for Marlboro College in Marlboro, Vermont as Assistant Registrar.
Parker McIntosh
Manager, Financial Reporting and Treasury
Parker McIntosh, Manager, Financial Reporting and Treasury, began working for the Sponsor as an intern in 2012 and joined full time in January of 2017. His primary responsibilities include creating and revising financial statements and other periodic regulatory filings.
Yvette Oliveira
Financial Controller
Yvette Oliveira, Financial Controller began working for Teucrium in January 2019. Yvette assists the CFO with the company’s financial reporting, company accounting, investment accounting and accounting policy, including the implementation of significant new accounting standards. She is responsible for technical support for strategic initiatives and evaluating and proposing steps to enhance technology and processes.